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We are thebest concrete service provider Windsor, UK. We are here to help you shape your dreams into beautiful and robust constructions. If you are looking for onsite mixed concrete or onsite mixed screed at competitive rates, then you have come to the right place.

We are the one-stop solution for multiple construction products and services. Right from providing specialised and experienced consultation to supplying high-quality construction raw materials to catering the highest level of construction services with the certified team, we do it all.

As one of the UK's top concrete suppliersand service providers, we strive to deliver the best quality concrete, screed, concrete pump, etc.,in the shortest time. We envision helping you complete your construction projects at a stipulated time by providing you with high-quality raw materials at a competitive and reasonable market rate. Our dedicated and proficient team will help you reach your construction goals easily.

We have been known as one of the leading brands for supplying onsite mixed concrete or screed for a long time in the construction industry. Collaborate with us for your construction project, and you will love to explore our great raw materials and skilled service.

Our Services

Onsite Mixed Concrete

Onsite mix concrete is best for domestic and different commercial sites. Quick Concrete provides the highest quality freshly prepared onsite mixed concrete in the UK at the best reasonable price.

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Onsite Mixed Screed

Quick Concrete specialises in providing onsite mixed screed. We ensure the correct and best quality concrete mix at your site and offer you a view of the onsite proportionate of the Concrete mixed screed. Our rate is economical and delivers it in the shortest duration to help you get the effect of sleekness.

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Barrowing Service

Get a Quick Concrete borrowing service at the best price. We cater to the expert staff at domestic and commercial construction sites when it comes to borrowing ready mix concrete.

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Line Pump

Partner with Quick Concrete being your constructions projects. You will get help in restricted areas as well. Not a wheelbarrow, but with the help of an advanced line pump, we will give you a hassle-free construction service.

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Boom Pump

Large projects require an extensive flow of Concrete. Quick Concrete will provide multiple flows of Concrete with the help of an improved, high-speed suction pipe or boom pump.

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Fibres Admixture

Quick Concrete ensures high-quality fibres admixture to increase the strength and durability of the construction concrete. As a result of this reduces the probabilities of cracks, thawing, and improving pumpability and turning it fire resistant.

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Retarder Admixture

Quick Concrete supplies top-of-the-line retarder admixture to harden the concrete/screed. It helps to decrease the water ratio in the mixture, helping in increasing the setting time.

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Accelerator Admixture

The experts of Quick Concrete add superior quality accelerator admixturespecifically during winters to increase the workability of Concrete, accelerating the rate of hydration and soundness.

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